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ABSTRACT At PepsiCo, they provide more than a salary. Total Rewards is everything employees receive. The pay, health care benefits, wellness programs, retirement plans and work/life benefits. Each year, employees have the opportunity to choose the health and insurance benefits that are right for them and their family. PepsiCo provides their employees with tools and resources to help them achieve their health and financial wellness goals. PepsiCo's savings and retirement benefits are designed to help the employees reach their future retirement goals. In addition to that they also focus in some of the metrics like the working environment, women empowerment, and cost per hire. Metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes and measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. They enable a company to track year-to-year trends and changes in these critical variables. It is how organizations measure the value of the time and money spent on HR activities in their organizations. PepsiCo can use a variety of metrics to analyze the results of their Total Rewards package. Working Environment As a global company, PepsiCo works in countries with a broad array of laws and regulations. Regardless of where they operate, PepsiCo takes great care to respect the diversity, talents and abilities of all. At PepsiCo, diversity is define as all the unique characteristics that make up each of us: personality, lifestyle, thought processes, work experience, ethnicity, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or other differences. In 2012 PepsiCo was recognized by Best Places to Work's World's Best Multinational Workplaces. It also received the same year a perfect score on Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index for LGBT
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