Methods of Teaching in Speaking Essay

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TECHNIQUES/METHODS OF TEACHING IN SPEAKING IN ENGLISH 16 ( The Teaching of Speaking) First Semester/A.Y. 2015-2016 Presented to: DR. MARIA LADY SOL A. SUAZO English Instructor Presented by: MR. ANGELITO T. PERA BSED-III English September 2015 TECHNIQUES/METHODS IN TEACHING SPEAKING ACCURACY AND FLUENCY IN SPEAKING SKILL Generally, speaking can be said as the crucial part in teaching learning process because the audience will not understand the meaning if the speaker are not be able to transfer the meaning of what are being he saying accurately. In speaking, we will face two words “accuracy and fluency”. They are two importance things to support the development of student speaking ability. 1. Accuracy Accuracy in speaking skills is the student ability to speak in conversation using correct grammar and vocabulary. In this case, the student should be able to use the correct component in speaking, such as: vocabulary, grammatical features and pronunciation. If the student can use the correct component of speaking they will be easy to say what they what to say in correct pronunciation. In other to achieve the best result in speaking, as the teacher you should be able to improve your student ability first especially in vocabulary, grammatical features and pronunciation. Finally, you can evaluate your student by do the conversation as feedback the material. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ACCURACY * Usage: explanation It means the teacher give more portion to explain the basic of speaking skill. * Language for display It means, language can be used to show the material that is being learning. * Language for knowledge It means, language can be used to improve the student knowledge or the knowledge of student will be inclined to language usage. * Attention is given to language It means, the material that the teacher and the student are being

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