Methods of Production

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METHODS OF PRODUCTION SCENARIO Mrs Sweeting has decided that after years of working in a supermarket in the bakery department that she would open her own small bakery. She has decided to focus mainly on cakes and sweet foods (e.g. flapjacks, iced buns, biscuits, buns etc.) as well as creating order only cakes for birthday, weddings and other celebrations. She is has decided that she will need to employ another person to help cook all products. Discuss which method of production would be the best for Mrs Sweeting to use to cook at her products. What methods of production could she use? Mrs Sweeting could use either Job production (Making a single, unique product from start to finish, based on the requirements of the customer) or Batch Production (Products that are made in batches. Each batch goes through the stage of the production process moving onto the next stage) What are the advantages of using these methods? Job Production  Mrs Sweeting would create high quality products as she’s making them from start to finish  Mrs Sweeting would meet customer needs with cakes she makes for example wedding cakes, which are usually made to meet the customer’s needs Batch Production  If Mrs Sweeting makes the cakes and sweet foods in batches the costs used to make the cakes from the ingredients for example flour, would be less.  Mrs Sweeting can use special machinery like bigger ovens to bake the cakes and increase output and productivity. What are the disadvantages of using these methods? Job Production  Labour for Mrs sweeting can be intensive as it is quite labour intensive to create cakes with not much help, for example wedding cakes in a short amount of time.  Costing of job production is usually higher as the ingredients won’t be brought in batches would could save money for Mrs Sweeting. Batch Production  The cakes and confectionary Mrs
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