Methods of Offender Treatment Essay

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I would like to have previous drug abusers as part of the treatment staff. I think it’s important that inmates have the opportunity to talk to someone who has gone through the same experiences as they are going through. With their help and guidance a quick recovery will be made if they get to see someone who was able to over come their condition. I also would like to hire psychiatrist who will be able to evaluate the patient mentally and prescribe any medications that could help with their problems. They also need to be able to talk to the patient and see if there is any other underlying cause of their addiction such as a mental disorder. The treatment plan would be most effective that way. As of training required, everyone needs to attend a drug abuse workshop where they will learn about different types of drugs the inmates might be doing and learn how being off the drugs will affect them. The staff is also required to pass a test that shows they are not biast and will not share the information that the inmate might tell them. To do this everyone will go through a mock patient and then be asked questions about him or her. If they spill private information that is not supposed to be repeated they will not pass the test. Inmates need to know they can trust the person they are talking to and not be afraid they might go off and tell someone. The criminals treated will be drug abusers. These criminals have to sign up for the program for themselves. We do not want to treat anyone who doesn’t want to make themselves better. They cannot be in prison for life, they need to have about 2 to 3 years left of time locked up. That way it gives us enough time to work with them so by the time they get out they will be ready to start their new life. Everyone who wants treatment needs to have a meeting with the psychiatrist first to be evaluated. Anyone who might be dangerous or

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