Methods of Market Research

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Methods of market research assessment 2 When using market research to an applied audience of consumers there are usually two different methods on which can be used; Field and desk research. Field research which is primary research consists of collecting data using methods such as door-to-door enquires, street surveys, postal surveys and face to face interviewing. One advantage of this is that the information being collected will be very specific in relation to the research. A disadvantage would be not very many consumers take the time to fill in surveys or even do them at all. Desk research which is secondary research evolves using existing sources of information such as books, published reports or even searching the internet. Field Research As Coca cola is one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world they have spent a tremendous amount of time and spend billions of dollars on market research. Coca Cola gathers its information using the result of market research in a number of ways which include sponsorship, they currently sponsor some media organisations which include American idol, Apple ITunes and BET Network, due to the sponsoring of these companies, Coca Cola will have an agreement which will feature their logo on the websites or TV ads of these organisations and hope they bring forward a new consumer base. They also sponsor a majority of sporting organisations or leagues which include NASCAR, NBA, NCAA and the Olympic games. As coke sponsors these sporting organisations it will be the main provider of soft drinks at these venues and can collect primary information if sales go up or down, they will also try and buy in to new sponsorships to compete with competitors. Another way for Coca Cola to collect primary information is competitions and promotions as they very often offer the chance to win a variety of items on the

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