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Business Research Methods Malik Khater INFO 173-04 Business Research Methods Research is fundamental in all business situations, and put it is put in to use more than people realize. Business research satisfies several requirements. Business professionals use research to resolve choices about whether to enter a particular business or to improve a business plan. Numerous businesses apply research to figure out if they can succeed in another business’s region. According to an article on by Kay Miranda, the definition of Business Research is “Business research finds qualitative and quantitative information to improve business strategy and implementation. Understanding how a company, department or staff member adds to the bottom line is the core of business research and its need.” There are many types of business research methods. One of the types is conducting case studies. When businesses want a broad understanding of how customers interact, and respond to a product, they prepare a case study. Case studies aim to develop a complete assessment of customer satisfaction, product use and attitudes about the product and do so in a relevant context. ( An example of a business related case study would be a knife company wanting to conduct a case study about its latest, proficient chef’s knife by providing one to an expert chef to use for three months. Data collecting may contain on-site observations of the chef using the knife, as well as a consultation or survey. This type of research allows for comprehensive information collection, but it is usually time consuming. ( Case studies are important for businesses to make a decision on a product, and to enhance their product if needed. By conducting a case study you are giving your product to a professional already in the field,

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