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Mixed Method research has been described as the third and newest research methodology paradigm. Mixed research takes an eclectic, pragmatic, and common sense approach, suggesting that the researcher mix quantitative and qualitative in a way that works best for the given research question that is studied in a particular context. Mixed research uses both deductive and inductive methods, obtains both quantitative and qualitative data, attempts to support and complement findings and takes a balanced approach to research. Researchers used the term mixed method to refer to all procedures collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data in the context of a single study. Some researchers have taken issue with the term mixed methods to describe research designs that consciously blend both approaches within or across the stages of the research process. Researchers seeking associations between primarily quantitative biophysical and primarily qualitative socio-cultural data, including environmental and natural resource anthropologists can look to mixed method research designs for structured and tested integrative processes. Such designs have been used to augment traditional methods for assessing and monitoring the impacts of recreation and tourism on the physical environment. Defining and Analyzing Qualitative Method On the other hand, defines qualitative research as a form of systematic Empirical inquiry into meaning. Systematic means planned, ordered, and public, following rules, agreed upon by members of the qualitative research community. Empirical, means that this type of inquiry is grounded in the world of experience. Whereas, inquiry meaning that the researcher is trying to understand how others make sense of their experience. Qualitative research involves an interpretive and naturalistic approach; this means that qualitative researchers study things in

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