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Sociological Research Methods Assignment Poverty 1. Give an outline of what a quantitative study of poverty and a qualitative study of poverty might contain? |The experience of poverty: a quantitative study |The experience of poverty: a qualitative study | |Quantitative research starts with the knowledge of the subject and tests |A qualitative researcher for poverty would immerse their selves into a | |to see if it holds true for the general population. For poverty a |group of people suffering from poverty they would then observe and | |quantitative researcher would design a questionnaire/ interview with |listen to individual’s experiences of poverty this is a subjective | |specific questions relating to people suffering from poverty such as age,|approach whereby the researcher aims to interpret and understand | |occupation, health, education, gender family etc. From the answers to |individual’s experiences of poverty by viewing the world of poverty | |these questions the researcher would then put the results into a graph |through the eyes of the people they are researching. They could do this| |(numerical form) in which the results can be easily read and repeated. A |by joining a job centre and observing the people there or maybe ask | |quantitative researcher would read and compare the results and would |individuals questions in a unstructured interview gaining a insight of | |determine the causes of poverty from them as quantitative researchers |their lives and how they cope with a lack of finance. Qualitative | |believe that life is determined. |researchers show their results in words. | 2. Assess the value of (a) Doing your own research into the subject of poverty and (b) Referring

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