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Data collection method Collecting primary data For this study, the data we’ll be using is primary data are collected through the responses of students through focus group interviews and questionnaires, which were prepared specially for this study. The questionnaires includes questions relates to graduates success rates measured by attendance, student fees and etc. Questionnaires – quantitative The first primary data we will be using is questionnaires. “Questionnaires are perhaps the most widely used data-gathering technique in research”. (Anderson, 2004:208). A sample size of 50 respondents is taken for detailed study because it is impossible to cover all the students in the UK, this will take place in the University main entrance. The questionnaire will contain ten closed-ended questions rather than students writing their own answer, which are more time consuming for them whereas close-ended question are easy to code and statistically analyze. Focus group interview- qualitative The secondary primary data we decided to use is focus group interviews, according to Silverman (2000) “focus group interviews are among the most commonly used research tool.” The interview will consist of five to seven students and one moderator; this will take place in one of the study rooms in the university. The interview will start with an introduction, a question related to their understanding of graduate success rate, followed by more specific questions related to the subject. Reliability Questionnaires includes with mostly with close-ended questions often provides more data than open-ended questions because they are easier to analyze. Reference: Silverman, D. (2000) Doing qualitative research: a practical handbook, London:

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