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To get English fluency, we must have a lot of understandable repetitive listening. That is the ONLY way. To be a FANTASTIC English speaker, we must learn English with our ears, not with our eyes. In other words, we must listen. Our ears are the key to excellent speaking. What kind of listening is best? Well, it must be understandable and must be repetitive. Both of those words are important-- Understandable and Repetitive. If we don't understand, we learn nothing. We will not improve. That's why listening to English TV does not help us. We don't understand most of it. It is too difficult. It is too fast. If we don’t understand, we will not improve. So, the best listening material is EASY. We should listen mostly to easy English. Most students listen to English that is much too difficult. They don’t understand enough, and so they learn slowly. Listen to easier English, and our speaking will improve faster! Understanding is Only Half The Formula. Understanding is not enough. We must also have a lot of repetition. If we hear a new word only once, we will soon forget it. If we hear it 5 times, we will still probably forget it. We must hear new words and new grammar many times before we will understand them instantly. Here are some method to improve our listening. 1. Practice “Narrow Listening”: “Narrow listening” means listening to many things about the same topic. This method is more powerful than trying to listen to many different kinds of things. Students who listen to similar things learn faster and speak better than students who listen to different kinds of things. For example, you can choose one speaker and find many things by him. Listen to all of his pod-casts, audio books, and speeches. This is powerful because all speakers have favorite vocabulary and grammar. They naturally repeat these many times. By listening to many things by the same person,

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