Method Of Evangilisim Essay

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Timothy Nelson Evangelism 101-B21 March 1, 2011 "Methods of Evangelism" PART ONE - Evangelistic Method #1 Friendship Evangelism is defined as a method by which a Christian becomes friends with an individual before introducing them to Christ. It is considered a more personal approach to sharing the gospel. By first making friends with a person you will be able to better relate to them, develop a genuine relationship with them, and show them that you truly care. The advantages to this type of evangelism are that once a person trusts you they become more open. Once they feel comfortable with you they will probably be more willing to tell you about their doubts or fears. With this information you can then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to discern exactly what needs to be said in order to break through to the heart of the individual. The Holy Spirit can actually reveal something to you, about a person’s life that you were not aware of. If you are friends with this person they will know whether or not they have shared this information with you. If they have not then they will most likely believe that what you are saying is, for them, from God. Through you, God will show them that He does care and knows more about them then they thought. Another advantage to this method is that once you become friends, you are more likely to be introduced to that person’s friends. With one friendship already established others will already feel comfortable knowing that someone they trust considers you a true friend. Thus, being able to reach out to people you may not have, otherwise, been able to ever meet. One of the biggest disadvantages to friendship evangelism is that building a relationship usually takes time. People, today, are skeptical of others because we live in a society that is extremely self-absorbed. So many people are hurt and therefore,

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