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I'm big on social media marketing, and over the past few months have been reading up on different methods and ways to monetize different social media profiles. I've figured with all the knowledge I've learned on this site, it's time to give something back. This is a very easy method which anyone can implement with a little time effort and under $15. Now keep in mind, I'm not going to spoon feed you and walk you through step by step. Add your own twists and tweaks to make this method really work! Anyways let's begin. With this method you'll be using twitter, and monetizing your tweets. In other words, you'll be getting paid to tweet. You can set this b*tch on autopilot and you'll make money automatically once you have it set up. 1. Open a new window and go to an email provider where you can register for free. Such as yahoo, gmail, etc. But do not use any of your real information, and do not select a name for the email address yet. 2. Go to twitter and register a new account. What you are going to want to do is create a type of page that appeals to a broad spectrum of people. Keep in mind your audience as well. Popular pages are ones that are dramatic or funny. Just go to twitter and search for some pages like @Drake_YMCMB, @IQuoteComedy, and accounts similar to these. You'll begin to get an idea of what kind of tweets people like. Once you figure something out, you are going to want to create a name for this account. You can do parody accounts of popular celebrities, such as the Drake one above. For example you could @Nicki_YMCMB and use a picture of Nicki Minaj as the Default. Just remember to make sure it's something a lot of people like and would follow. 3. After you've made your account and picked a name, use that same name and register an email address under it. Such as Nicki_YMCMB at Yahoo.com. Just make up something else for

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