Methanex Case Analysis

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METHANEX is the world’s largest methanol producer, whose success is in large part due to its cost leadership and reliable delivery. The purpose of this report is to analyze the situation facing METHANEX and recommend a set of strategic plans for it to tackle the current challenges in moving forward. In ensuring low-cost production, many of METHANEX’s production plants are based in emerging market economies. This strategy is met with various problems of poor infrastructure and political instability, resulting in inconsistent gas supply and crippling its production plants. In addition, the lack of diversification makes METHANEX completely reliant on the stability of the market for methanol. Recently, the breakthrough in hydraulic fracturing offers METHANEX excellent opportunities to strengthen its natural gas supply. Not only does the technology make shale gas much more accessible, the extraction cost has also become much more economical. With the United States (U.S.) and China possessing huge reserves, these locations make excellent choices for the relocation its idle Chile plants. DAYS & Co. recommends a Strengthen, Spearhead and Synergize (S3) package for METHANEX. It should first strengthen its production capability by strategically relocating its idle plants to locations with natural gas supply of high availability and reliability. Next, it should spearhead the penetration into China market for low-cost and long-term gas supply. Lastly, it should synergize its efforts in China with an expansion of its portfolio, by further increasing its stake in DME production and concurrently investing in the fast-growing market of fuel-blending. To strengthen its production capability, we strongly propose METHANEX to do a strategic relocation of one of its idle plants from Chile to U.S. This will effectively establish a strong supply to maximize production capacity and
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