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What are Methamphetamines Drug abuse in America is common, and almost everyone knows at least one person that has been effected by drug abuse. Nicotine and alcohol are drugs that can be found at the local convenience store. Marijuana has been used by many people to help them relax. Abuse of these substances is hardly recognized as methamphetamine abuse spreads. Methamphetamines have made their way into major cities and rural areas throughout the United States ( NIDA “Meth…” ). As a result, American agencies, communities, and families are becoming victims because of the illegal manufacturing and abuse of methamphetamines. Methamphetamines have been classified as schedule II drugs under the Controlled…show more content…
Each lab cost up to $3,000 to clean up ( “Environmental…” ). Stone 4 The DEA hopes to begin a Federal Clandestine Lab Container Program in 2006. This program would effectively contain illegal lab waste at a lower cost ( “Bush…” ). Methamphetamine Abuse Methamphetamines have become the most threatening drug to date in American society ( Stone 48 ). In the year 2000, four percent of Americans admitted that they had used methamphetamines at least once. Meth users have a choice of methods to get the drug into their bodies. It can be injected, smoked, snorted, or ingested ( USDOJ “Meth…” ). Injecting and smoking meth cause an instant euphoric rush. Snorting meth takes effect in about five minutes, and ingesting the drug gets the user high in twenty minutes ( ONDCP “Meth…” ). A methamphetamine user can stay high for as long as twenty-four hours from using the drug just once ( NIDA “Meth…” ). Methamphetamines are psycho stimulants; consequently, there are many mental side effects ( NIDA “Meth…” ). Meth causes the brain to produce large amounts…show more content…
Bad moods can also be intensified by using this stimulant ( Parrot 45 ). Chronic use can result in violent behaviors, anxiety, depression, confusion, hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. When the addict stops using the drug, these side effects are more severe. Brain damage caused by meth abuse is similar to Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy ( USDOJ “Meth…” ). These moods and behaviors can lead to social and occupational deterioration ( NIDA “Meth…” ). Methamphetamines also have many physical side effects. The increase in energy Stone 5 and alertness are appealing to many users. Appetite is decreased as well ( ONDCP “Meth…” ). These benefits come at a high cost. Meth can cause heart problems, hyperthermia, convulsions, and death ( NIDA “Meth…” ). Users also put themselves at risk for infection by scratching their skin. Because of the lead acetate contained in batteries used in meth production, there is a risk of lead poisoning ( ONDCP “Meth…”

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