Methamphetamine Intervention Essay

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Gavin Freihofer Mod: 3 Methamphetamines Intervention: A meth intervention can be among one of the toughest meetings to conduct because of the meth addicts propensity towards unpredictable, and often times violent behavior. Individuals who become addicted to meth will often go on binges, where they will use huge amounts of the drug for several days in a row. After a meth binge is over, it is extremely common for a meth addict to begin to express deep remorse and for them to swear on everything that is sacred to them that they will never use the stimulant again; unfortunately, loved ones will often delay a scheduled meth intervention, and take the person with the meth addiction at their word. The fact of the matter is that every time the person binges on meth, it only strengthens their addiction to the toxic stimulant. Timing is everything, in relation to conducting an effective meth intervention process. For the best results, loved ones should plan a meth intervention within several weeks of the last binge; thus, the meth addict could still be feeling some level of remorse about the recent troubling incident. On the other hand, staging a meth intervention too soon after a binge could be asking for trouble, as the meth addict may still be in a manic state; at this point, the chances of the meth addict agreeing to get help are very slim. For this reason, loved ones should go to great lengths to be sure that a professional intervention specialist is present to lead the meth intervention process. Because this person has been trained in regard to what is the safest and most effective time to conduct a meth intervention, the life-saving meeting is likely to have a much higher likelihood of being successful. A meth intervention is best handled with the aid of a professional intervention specialist; having an unbiased interventionist available to guide loved ones

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