Methadone Persuasive Speech

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It all started when I was almost 19 years old. I am going to make this very shortened, but I will give my story of my pain killer addiction here. I was in my apartment when we invited some friends over. I was a pot head in these days, smoking 5-6 blunts a day. One of my friends this night had a drug called oxycontin. The first pain killer I ever did. So he stuck the 80mg oxycontin in his mouth, rubbed off the greenish coting in his boxers, and broke me off a quarter (20mg). He held a dollar bill over the 20mg piece of oxycontin and crushed it with his cell phone. He then chopped it into one sniffable line with a credit card. I rolled up a dollar bill and sniffed the 20mg piece of oxycontin and laid down on one of my couches. 5 minutes…show more content…
It is strictly watched by a doctor, and your doses are very closely monitored. You also get free is like a whole program...they call it "the clinic". I honestly was always against methadone. I said why would anyone get on methadone. It is the same thing as doing pills or heroin, but it is made ok because it is legal. But it turned out much much different than I thought. I have never been better since starting methadone. I have now been on methadone for about 8 months, and I am 8 months clean. Methadone basically makes you feel normal, and it blocks opiates. I don't like how I have to still take something everyday to feel normal, but it is way better than what I was doing, and WAY cheaper. Methadone has honestly saved my life. It got so bad when I relapsed, I would have definitely died if it were not for methadone. I don't think methadone is for everyone, because you can use it to manipulate the system, but for me it has totally saved my life. That is where I am at now. I am on methadone. Since being on methadone I have not touched a single drug. I haven't even had a sip of alcohol in 6 months. I'm happy. I have since started a very successful 6 figure a year business. Methadone saved my life, no doubt about it! And that is where I am at in my life right now! I am on methadone, and doing

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