Meth Mouth Essay

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Methamphetamine was first developed in 1893. It wasn’t until 1919 that it was turned into a crystalized form. Adolf Hitler actually received daily injections of methamphetamines for the last three years of his life to assist with depression and fatigue. It is highly addictive and tolerance develops quickly, requiring higher dosages or frequency. By the 1960’s Crystal Meth was being manufactured illegally in many homes. With eighty dollars’ worth of simple items that you can easily acquire from your local pharmacy and hardware store, you can turn to a profit of one-thousand dollars. It is no wonder this has become such an epidemic. With this new discovery also came the dental condition called Meth Mouth. Meth mouth is a dental condition often characterized by severe tooth decay and loss of teeth. The condition got its name toward the latter part of 2004 when it started becoming a major problem for the corrections departments and local jails. The influx of persons with these conditions prompted city officials to look for the root cause. The exact cause of the condition is unknown as of today but grinding of the teeth also known as bruxism and dry mouths known as xerostomia are believed to be involved in the condition. There are many negatives associated with Methamphetamines, the obvious being that it is illegal. Another more visible side effect is Meth Mouth. Meth mouth is a severe Dental condition that causes loss of teeth, enamel erosion and sever tooth decay. It may also be described as stained, blackened, or rotting teeth. In many cases the teeth cannot be saved due to the severity and must be removed. The carries rate for meth users is four times higher than an average non meth user. Symptoms and outward signs are rampant tooth decay, broken teeth, attrition of teeth, abscessed teeth, and seriously bad breath. Rampant tooth decay occurs especially around the

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