Meth Lab Report

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Methamphetamine, like other drugs, is able to short-circuit the survival system by artificially stimulating pleasure areas in your brain. As this happens, it leads to increase confidence in meth, and less confidence in normal life routines. Usually when this occurs the addict will be more interested in meth related activities, meth related people, and meth related environments. Withdrawals of Meth Use: Fact or Fiction? Much to contrary belief meth users do suffer from withdraws as well as any other drug addict would. The severity and length of the symptoms vary with the amount of damage done to the body through amphetamine use. The most common symptoms are irritability, loss of energy, depression, difficulty in sleeping, and shaking…show more content…
In the beginning pleasure impressions in the memory were quite small. As the natural chemistry becomes more and more suppressed, survival mechanisms receive greater feeling of pleasure through the use of the drug. At this point physical dependence settles in. Now the subconscious memory is learning through the body that the drug is not only something that is pleasurable, but something that is needed just to make it through the day. Identifying a Meth Lab and a Meth User There are several different signs to identify where a meth lab is as well as what a meth user looks like. The most common signs of a user are Isolation of self from friends and family, Depression or mood swings, school changes; grades fall, skipping, detentions and suspensions. As well as physical symptoms such as red eyes, unkempt appearance, and looks less healthy. There becomes an issue of money and the lack of it. Many meth labs are produced through out the United States and most people don’t even realize they live next door to one. Here are many signs to look for: 1. Unusual, strong odors (ether, ammonia, or

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