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Metaphysics is the study of characteristics of reality or existence. It goes beyond the physical side of things but more of the existence of something. It’s about free will and the nature of reality with explaining life after death. Metaphysics is a way to conceive the world and everything around you. It’s also a way for humans to start using their brain and thinking more outside the box. Instead of thinking one way we make more solutions to our problems and figuring out what we need to do. I guess metaphysics helps answers questions that we ask ourselves in our daily lives. Such as questions of religious beliefs as does God exist? Also is there more than one God? Now this is a difficult thing to prove and I in fact am not that sure I believe in a God. But philosopher St. Anselm is known for proving the existence of God. For example “That than which none greater can be conceived” Anselm. He is saying that what you conceive to be the greatest is God himself and nobody else. God’s existence must be necessary therefore he does exist in your mind but outside our mind as well. I can’t seem to agree with Anselm because there is not enough proof for the human eye to see that God himself exists. I think that God exists in our mind because we want to believe that he exists outside our mind. People do this because they are scared of dying and would rather look forward to it as something good instead of the worst case scenario, such as hell. Nobody wants to go and so call burn for eternity, when we die we want to be in heavenly bliss. That’s another reason why most people want to die in their sleep because they are scared and in denial that one day they are going to die and face the fact that there is no God. They feel in they have faith in God then they will live in the promise land and never go to hell. “is a projection upon the universe of our human hopes, fears, and

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