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Metaphors can be characterised as those notions where a term is utilised to depict a distinct meaning in a phrase than what it scholarly means. Additionally, metaphors are furthermore used to make rhetorical statements where one is talking of something additional but by the use of phrases that do not have the identical significance. Moreover, metaphors can be utilised when one is trying to contrast two distinct pieces with distinct meanings to portray the identical meaning in recounting certain thing (Arduini 83). The book “Their eyes were observing God” has several metaphors, which have different analyses. investigation of Metaphors The publication notifies the article of the aspirations of a young very dark American woman who has the beauty and characteristics of a juvenile Caucasian woman. It begins when the young woman is a young girl and augments up under the care of his grandmother. The juvenile girl now augments up to become a juvenile woman. All through the phases of her growth, the young woman, Janie, has several aspirations in her life. Janie is subsequent wed off to a rich juvenile man by her grandmother. After a while, the two break up and she runs away with another juvenile man who becomes her second married man. The book then takes a turn in the twist of events when it halts from just being aspirations and it becomes truth. Janie now recognizes the truth of the position. In the book, the author has utilised some metaphors to notify the article. The book contains some metaphors, which can be analyzed. One of the metaphors, which have been identified in the publication, is in the statement, “As Janie climbs the pear tree to glimpse what lives round her, she sees the horizon” (Wall 45). The metaphor, which has been utilised in that saying, is the horizon. generally the horizon means that the sun might be setting. In the context of the publication, Janie

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