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18 Abuczki Ágnes: The Use of Metaphors in Advertising Argumentum, 5 (2009), 18-24 Kossuth Egyetemi Kiadó (Debrecen) Tanulmány Abuczki Ágnes The Use of Metaphors in Advertising A Case Study and Critical Discourse Analysis of Advertisements in Cosmopolitan Abstract The aim of this study is to draw attention to the ways the media use and manipulate people's thinking by applying a specific type of figure speech, namely metaphor in advertisements. I try to investigate the relationship between individual psychology, metaphor and the media by means of a case study of the metaphors contained in two issues of the Cosmopolitan magazine, the original American issue and a Hungarian version. A model is proposed in my essay whereby people's thinking is structured by metaphor. Magazines such as the Cosmopolitan have the power to influence the way that people, and therefore, societies construct abstract domains such as interpersonal relationships, health, and beauty. In the first half of this paper, I will explain the relationship between consumerism and advertising; and I will also provide a definition of metaphors, describe their component parts, observe their role from a cognitive perspective, and provide a brief historical overview of the research of metaphors. In the second part of the paper, I will present my research of a collection of metaphors – categorized according to their source domains – found in the adverts of the magazine. 1 Advertising Industry and Consumerism 1.1 Introduction – Shaping Consumer Behaviour in Advertising Advertising originally meant ‘taking note’ or ‘considering’, however, its meaning later changed to ‘persuading’. The purpose of advertising is to build a favourable image if a product, a service, a particular brand that matches the profile or motive of the potential buying public. Regarding the history of the advertising

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