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10 things to describe myself in metaphor I would describe myself as cloud. Cloud often changes its shape. I’m emotional, my mood always changes, just like the cloud changes its shape. Clouds also move slowly on the sky. I did the same too, walk slowly and observe things around me. Besides that, I would like to describe myself as a dolphin. Dolphin lives in water and always in a group. I like water and stay in a group. Stay in water could make me feel comfortable. I like to surround by friends and hate to be alone. I’m like an old photo, memorize things that are passed. I like old things, even there is something that have same function and are better than it. Also, I like to recall things that are passed and feel happy about it. Also, I’m a hard nut, which is hard to open. Sometimes, I’m stubborn. I don’t care about other’s comments and tend to continue with my own things. Now, I’m like a hard nut which trying to soften the shell and try to accept other’s comments which is good for me. Toy, can be use to describe me too. Toys are often plays by kids. Kids like to stay and play with me, just like the toy. Sometime, I would teach them when they don’t know how to do certain question of their homework. In addition, I am like a plate of economic rice. Economic rice includes many things and they are cheap. I learned many things, such as violin, piano and drum but none of them are mastered. Just like a plate of economic rice, many kinds of food being put together but no one of them are prominent. I’m like a clock when I’m going for meeting and doing works, punctual and well-planned. I like to do things with sequence and hate to mess up things or I will get mad. I also like to being punctual when going for meeting or even when I just going to

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