Metamorphosis Reduction Essay

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Title of Work: The Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Date of Publication: 1899 Genre: Novella, Kafkaesque, sureal, Absurdism Writing Style: Journalism, analogous, short story, 3 parts Point of View: First Person, Third Person Omniscient Setting/Atmosphere: Samsa’s house, mainly Gregor’s room Plot Development: Part I- Gregor has just woke up in his bed and realizes he is turned into a giant bug/ he looks around his room and struggles to fall back asleep, and worries about what a difficult job he has/ he was leave but he has to pay off his parents that/ he is stressed that he has overslept and will be late for work/ the office manager has come to see where Gregor is/ his family tried to get him out of his room and the office manager demands an explanation and criticizes his recent work performance/ his sister leaves to fetch a doctor and a locksmith/ Gregor reaches the door and turns it with his mouth while the office manager leaves in fright, his mother passes out and his father cries shooting him into the room with a newspaper and a cane. Part II- Gregor wakes in the evening and sees someone left him milk and bread milk was his old favorite but it detests him now/ he worries about his family's financial situation/ he tries to fall asleep under the couch and bows he will not be a burden to his family/ Grete brings in various foods to see which he likes/ he eats the moldiest food and leaves the fresh/ she then continues to feed him and clean up for him and reporting back to her mother/ he begins to adapt to his new life/ Gregor and the father urged the mother not to see him/ Grete move up to the end/ he covers the picture to keep it from being taken away/ the mother sees Gregor and passes out and he leaves the room/ the father miss understood that he attacked his mother so he begins chasing him and throwing food at him/ Gregor notices he looks put together/ the

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