Metamorphosis- Character Analysis

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In The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa wakes up to find that he has transformed into a bug. Despite this extraordinary change, he quickly accepts it and does not focus on the hardships that he will face in this new form, but on the burden he will bring to his family. Gregor’s emotional turmoil as a complete and utterly selfless being eventually leads to his death. Gregor’s family is very little help to him and only provide him time to live out his thoughts and come to rest with his fate. Although Mr. Samsa is the domineering figure in the story, he is not the primary financial supporter. After his business failed, Mr. Samsa is not motivated to get a new job despite his great financial concerns. Instead, Gregor must take on a job which he hates to provide for his family and eliminate the debt that Mr. Samsa accumulated. Even though Gregor is helping and now providing for the family, Mr. Samsa remains indifferent towards him and does not show any sympathy or worry for Gregor after he undergoes his metamorphosis. In its place, he only seems concerned about the family’s financial situation and is disgruntled with the fact that he will now have to return to work. Although Mr. Samsa’s new occupation as a bank messenger benefits him financially and restores his sense of authority as main bread winner, he continues to show hostility to Gregor. This hostility is proven during the two instances in which he directly interacts with Gregor in the story. The first is when he first witnesses Gregor’s change and beats him back into the room with a newspaper, and the second when he punishes Gregor by throwing apples at him without fully knowing the situation. In comparison to her daughter and husband, Mrs. Samsa plays a more minor role to Gregor. In the story, she is portrayed as a frail women who upon seeing her son and his transformation becomes immediately distraught.
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