Metamorphosis (Book Report) by Franz Kafka

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Book Title: Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Translated by: Willa and Edwin Muir Comment: This is the shortest but yet the most classical novella I have ever read. I am now attempting to digest and understand what Kafka was getting at with this story. Anyhow, what happened to Gregor is really a tragedy. His family members, especially his sister and father, treat him so cold after the transformation. Soon his abilities, tastes, and interests begin to change. No one can understand his insect-speech. He likes to stay under the furniture and eat rotten scraps of food. Gregor's family is horrified that Gregor has become a huge insect, keeps him in his bedroom and refuses to interact with him. This book is about the transformation of not only Gregor but of his entire family as they respond to his change. Gregor is now dependent on his family, when before they were more dependent on him and his future. His metamorphosis forces the family to live on themselves although they do not realize it during the process. Although the story was unbelievable, the symbolism and deeper levels of the book made it a good read. Gregor spirals into the depths of isolation, loneliness and despair. This story bears resemblance to all of Kafka's work which is in a very unusual setting, but very real and present aspects of the darkness of human and behavior. This is indeed a metaphor of absurdity and dehumanization. What made me feel very sorry for him is actually his attempt to get out of bed because he thinks he cannot lose his job otherwise no one will support the family. Kafka uses five pages to describe Gregor tries so hard to get out of bed and persuades his family and the chief clerk he is alright and he is going to work soon. Indeed, I think he is deceiving himself at the same time, he thinks he is temporarily incapacitated and will go back to be normal very soon.
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