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Metamorphosis Tom A.A. 90 The Metamorphosis is a great name, well chosen by Kafka to label this novel. As Princeton University say: “a striking change in appearance or character or circumstances; for example: the metamorphosis of the old house into something new and exciting. A complete change of physical form or substance especially as by magic or witchcraft.” (WorldNet) So what does this striking change, so extreme does the author wants us to notice? According to Margaret Sönser Breen, an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut, the metamorphosis is a kind of dehumanization, of becoming a cultural other, becoming part of the minority. “From the beginning of Kafka’s novella, there is never any question that Gregor is some kind of cultural other; only the extent to which the people around him, most notably his family, will be able to recognize his humanity is at issue.” (Sönser, “The Metamorphosis,” par. 6) So is Gregor becoming an outsider in his own family? Sadly the answer is yes. Gregor was once the provider of his family, the economic income depended on him. “Gregor is enslaved by his family because he is the one who makes money. Thus, with the possible exception of his sister, the family seems to treat him not as a member but as a source of income. When Gregor is no longer able to work after his metamorphosis, he is treated with revulsion and neglected.” (“Economic effects on human relationships,” par. 1) As this article shows us, as Gregor has changed, as he is no longer a simple engine in his family train, he is useless for them; So metamorphosis could also mean the change of active social people into useless and non active people in society. If you are not part of your cultural and social surroundings, you are not useful for them; and if you are not useful for them, you are not useful at all.

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