Metamorphism Essay

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Instructor: Amy Estep Credit Hours: 3 hours lecture credit Email: Office Hours: No office on campus. Communicate via email only. I. Course Description: This is a survey course of geology, which includes the study of geologic forces in the earth such as volcanism, earthquakes, plate tectonics, mountain building, weathering, erosion, sedimentation, ground water, glaciations, ocean events, and fossilization. The course presents the composition of the Earth’s interior with concentration on the crust and techniques of reading the geologic history from Precambrian eras to present through the three basic types of rock, how they form, and where they are found in relation to one another. This course will satisfy the lecture-only physical science requirement for graduation and is not intended for health or science majors. 3 hours lecture credit. II. Course Rationale: Earth Science is intended to satisfy the physical science requirement of non-science majors. It introduces basic concepts in the area of geology and relates geology to the modern world in which we live. III. Course Prerequisites: None IV. Next Course in Sequence: None V. Text and Supplemental Materials: a. Required Texts: Physical Geology, 14th ed (with Connect access code) McGraw Hill 2013 Charles C. Plummer, Diane H. Carlson, and Lisa Hammersley ISBN: 9780073369389 b. Supplement Materials: Computer with internet access for use of Blackboard & RCC website. VI. Course Specific Objectives: This course is designed to enable students to: a. Establish a foundation in the knowledge of earth science b. Develop an understanding of the physical world around them c. Develop independent study skills and habits d. Develop critical thinking skills e. Develop basic tools for intellectual communication in

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