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Metal Subgenres There are many types of genres in music; for example, Metal is one genre I listen to most. Bands that play metal usually have 3 subgenres that label themselves. There are three subgenres of metal that I enjoy most of all and they are in order according to preference: Grindcore, Progressive, and Death Metal. Grindcore is a subgenre that mixes elements of Grind and Hardcore to create heavily distorted, down-tuned guitars, extreme tempos, and frequent blast beats. Songs often last no more than two minutes, and vocals consist of growls and high-pitched screams. Bands like Suicide Silence and The Argent Dawn subgenre is generally a must from me when it comes to listen to a new band. I enjoy vocal scheming and in a decent grindcore band they usually have quite the range of vocals to do this well. Progressive metal is also a subgenre of heavy metal music, but mixes the powerful guitar sound of metal with complex musical structures, odd time signatures, and unique instrumental playing. Some progressive metal bands are also influenced by jazz fusion and classical music; for example, This is Colour or Burning the Masses. Progressive metal songs are generally much longer than most metal songs, and they are usually linked together in a concept album and themes. Progressive metal is rarely heard on mainstream radio and TV; as a result, I like progressive music because of its rarity and uniqueness. Death metal is a more extreme subgenre of heavy metal. Death Metal consists of fast tempos, distorted guitars, deep growling vocals, lyrics, blast beats of drumming, and complex song structures with many tempo changes throughout the songs. Death Metal music is more generic than ever for me now. It has become a foundation of what I look for in a band. Death Metal generally sets the stage for good vocals and lyrical work. There are currently so many

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