Metafiction Within Kindred

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Metafiction Within Kindred Kindred, by Octavia Butler, is a fictional novel that unpredictably is set within two different time periods, the 70’s and the southern part of the 1800’s. Kindred’s main character, Dana Franklin, is simultaneously sent into the past to protect one of her distant ancestors named Rufus from any dangers he may become involved with. As she becomes more and more accustomed to traveling back in time, she begins to teach Rufus, also including the slaves, to read. The insertion of literary works within a literary piece of work is referred to as, metafiction. In a nutshell, a book within another book. Using approximately eight different mentions of books in her novel, Butler uses the affection created by them to further elucidate her theme of Kindred. Perhaps one of he most important listings, and also the first reference to a book, is in The Fall(page84). Kevin, Dana’s husband, argues with Dana about whether or not they remain at the Weylin plantation. They decide that Dana moves into his room, and Dana accepts but opposes the idea of Weylin’s negligence of Margret’s lack of ability to read the Bible. The second sighting takes place in The Fall(page86), when Rufus had broken a limb and asked Dana to read him Robison Crusoe to him after Kevin explained to them that they had enough experience to be able to read it. Dana was thankful for Rufus’s demand for she was now able to create affectionate memories alongside Rufus. Books mentioned third and fourth in the novel take place in The Fall, Part 7(page 102 and 104). They were mentioned while Kevin was supplying books for Dana to read to Rufus during spare time, as well as tutor him. These books were, Pilgrim’s Progress and Gulliver’s Travel. Gone with the Wind was the fifth mention in Butler’s novel. This happened while Dana was researching as much as possible about slavery in the
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