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fvsr Running Head: METAFEMALE SYNDROME Metafemale Syndrome Taylor Kiskamp Mrs. Jones 1B Most people either have never heard of metafemale syndrome, or do not know what it is. However, it is not as rare of a genetic disorder as one might think. Statistics show that there is a one in one-thousand chance that a girl will be born with this anomaly (2003). Every day in the United States, between five and ten girls are born with metafemale syndrome (2006). Other names for metafemale syndrome include Triple X syndrome, Triplo X syndrome, Trisomy X, 47, XXX, and XXX syndrome (2006). Thankfully, most patients with metafemale syndrome can grow up to lead fairly normal lives, depending on the severity of their…show more content…
They are also encouraged to speak with staff at the schools they attend, so that they may be provided the most productive environment possible. Patients generally have trouble in social situations, and will do much better if they have the proper stimulation at home from an early age (Nielsen, 1998). If parents submerse their children in group interactions at a young age, it will aid in diminishing the problems they have in social situations. Parents are also encouraged to place these girls in pre-school rather then waiting for kindergarten. Girls with delayed speech development should see a speech therapist (Nielsen, 1998). Many girls are very clumsy, and physical therapy is offered to them to help improve their balance and coordination. As grown women, some turn to fertility treatments if they have trouble conceiving a…show more content…
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