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Type /help for a list of commands Room Topic: Show Ya FACE!!!!1! [3:34] guest-11903 changed nickname to christopher [3:35] vonta: im out bbb [3:35] james: whats up chris [3:35] brandy: ok [3:35] christopher: Wat [3:35] christopher: s [3:35] christopher: w [3:35] christopher: a [3:35] christopher: wa [3:35] james: wtf [3:35] jimmesha: LOL.. WTF [3:35] christopher: ts [3:35] christopher: wa [3:35] christopher: t [3:35] christopher: wat y [3:35] christopher: forget [3:35] james: lol its raining [3:35] guest-11905 entered the room [3:35] guest-11905 changed nickname to sierra [3:35] brandy: IM LIKE WTF TOO [3:36] jimmesha: JAMES YOU STUPID... [3:36] brandy: WHO IS JAMES [3:36] vonta: who is james n christopher [3:36] christopher: it [3:36] james: vonta you look tired [3:36] vonta: who u? [3:36] jimmesha: LOL JAMES DO YOU KNOW HIM..??? [3:36] brandy: WHO S THESE PPLE [3:36] james: nope [3:36] jimmesha: CHRISTOPHER AND JAMES,,>>>???? [3:37] jimmesha: LOL BRANDY [3:37] james: that a ntz dude [3:37] vonta: n ummm yeah who these cats [3:37] jimmesha: LOL JAMES [3:37] james: lol who tha fuck is dez peolpe [3:37] jimmesha: LOL [3:37] brandy: DATS WAT IM TRY TO FIGURER OUT [3:37] vonta: lol [3:38] vonta: u gt a cell beside u r sum/ [3:38] james: dam u got up quick [3:38] christopher: well ik vonta from being in ntz and idk you brandy...hey jimmesha [3:38] vonta: lol last name? [3:38] jimmesha: HEY CHRIS... [3:38] brandy: LOLz VONTA [3:38] christopher: watcha doin [3:38] vonta: brandy call me [3:38] jimmesha: NOTHING BORED... I CANT GO TO SLEEP.. [3:39] brandy: SEND ME YO NUMBA ON FB [3:39] christopher: Me too im just wide awake [3:39] james: come to my house then [3:39] james: jimmesha [3:39] jimmesha: LOL JAMES.. AND I HAVE SCHOOL IM GONE BE SLEEPY ASS HELL.. [3:39] christopher: kml vonta look like he scared lol

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