Mesopotamia And Egypt Compare And Contrast

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Compare/Contrast the systems of governments that developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt between 3000-700 BCE Thesis: Although Mesopotamia and Egypt were both ruled like city states, grew up in river valleys and were ruled like a theocracy and monarchy, Mesopotamia believed gods weren’t on the human’s side while Egyptians worshipped their pharaoh, a human god. Also, Mesopotamia constantly was conquered by different groups while Egypt stayed fairly undisrupted. Paragraph 1: Mesopotamia and Egypt both had leaders who ruled the people “through the power of god.” * People of Egypt believed in the Pharaoh and he had the power to make the rivers swell up and had the ability to make the sun rise every day during the old kingdom (2800-2200 BCE) * Ruler of Sumerian state in Mesopotamia…show more content…
Paragraph 2: Egypt believed in a more hopeful outlook while Mesopotamia didn’t thinking that the gods were partying at the human’s expense. This is because… * Egypt had more security leading them to not be as highly militarized and have more peace than Mesopotamia due to many factors including the cataracts on the Nile River * Egypt also had predictable annual floods of the Nile River bringing surplus and prosperity to the citizens (till 2200 BCE when Egypt had a dry spell and diminished their views of the Pharaoh) * Believed highly ranked Egyptians had access to eternal life and even some peasants (All depended how far you were buried from the tomb of the pharaoh after dead) * This lead to Egyptians believing in their Pharaoh who brought messages from god and also that god was there to help them so life would continue forever. * On the other hand, Mesopotamia was an area of upheaval and constant fighting * Unlike Egypt, they viewed humankind as caught in a disorderly world subject to quarrelling gods who would fight at the human’s
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