Mesopotamia and Egypt

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Mesopotamia and Egypt are two countries that are located in Africa. Besides that, that’s all they have in common. Mesopotamia and Egypt had extreme ways of life and viewing life as a whole alone, which had me wondering. Why are the early Egyptians viewed as a positive people while the Mesopotamians are viewed as negative? If you were to look at a glass that was filled it up half-way with water or any type of liquid, would the glass be half empty or half full. The Mesopotamians would view the glass as being half empty but the Egyptians would view the glass as being half full. This is because the Mesopotamians were basically negative and the Egyptians were surely positive. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was very up-tight society. Unlike the Egyptians, life came very difficult to the Mesopotamians. Mesopotamia was always attacked by other civilizations. Egypt was barely ever attacked. This is because the Egyptians stayed isolated so nobody would find them. Also since Egypt was surrounded by the extremely hot deserts, anybody who wanted to attack Egypt would have to cross the desert and probably die of dehydration or die from heat exhaustion. Mesopotamia had rivers that were very inconsistent. That made it difficult to transport food and goods and difficult to travel. The Egyptians had very easily navigated rivers. However, those rivers were not used as much as they could have been. Even though the Mesopotamians had a very hard way of living life, the Mesopotamians thought that everything was satisfactory so they tried to work around the many mishaps and accidents. They had a very harsh government with the saying “an eye for an eye” which meant, for example, if someone accidentally ran over someone’s son, that person’s son would also be killed even though the son was innocent. The Egyptians and the Mesopotamians had a similar way of preserving sacred artifacts
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