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The article Earliest writing in Mesoamerica takes a leap further back in time is written by Thomas .H. Maugh II. The article is about the Mesoamerican cultural breakthrough back by at least 450 years to about 650 BC. It describe that the Olmec is the mother culture of Mesoamerica which made great advance in art, learning and writing. Most impressive were Olmec sculptures: colossal stone heads with thick lips and staring eyes that are assumed to be monuments to revered rulers. Olmec were Mesoamerican mother culture influenced other culture. The Olmecs are widely regarded as creators of the first civilization in Mesoamerica, The sister culture believes that the formative cultures of Mesoamerica were more or less equal in power and sophistication at the same time.The culture which believe that writing, kingship, the development of a calendar and other marks of civilization arose independently among various cultures in the area, a concept variously known as equal partners or siter cultures. Different researcher have different view on the olemc as the mother culture or sisiter culture.According to the archeologist Mary E.D. Phol of Florida State University Olmec were the first to have large urban centers.She believe that there are lots of evidence of kingship in their culture who had much more centeralized control.Olmec are the first who introduce the poltical state and writng and making the rules and regulation as rulers so she agree that Olmec are the first who use a system of writng. Archeologist Michale Love agree that Olmec people developed writing skills but his team argue that all the symbols found on the objects are not writng. According to Archeclogist Michale D. Coe belive that the symbols fit a loose defenation of writing and the strict defenation would be required to find the specific word and there is nothing is known about the Olmec language.About 1200 BC

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