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Erica Depew 3/1/12 English 220 Exam 1 Part 1 Mary Rowlandson Mary Rowlandson was an amazing colonial woman who was captured by Native Americans and help captive for 11 weeks. During this time she overcame many obstacles that others wouldn’t be able to accomplish. Others would have given up on life, faith and survival. Mary Rowlandson’s experience was captured and shown though a sense of an adventure story and also in the sense of a religious confession. Her story also shows things that when read didn’t seem to be “Puritan Like” and these were noticed by readers. Through it all her story is still read today so obviously it had an impact on society. During her narrative it is explained to be an adventure. An adventure is something that is a very unusual experience and is something that participates in risky undertaking. Even though Mary Rowlandson’s “adventure” wasn’t something that she had a choice to do she still had to undergo this experience. During this time one example of this risky undertaking was during her travels. Back in her old life, places to stay were in houses near towns or inhabitants. Stated on page 106, “we traveled for half a day or a little more, and came to a desolate place in the Wilderness; where there were no Wigwams of Inhabitants before” (106) This was all new to her and things were different. For something to be an adventure it is something that is a new experience. Another adventure she underwent was the adventure of visiting her son. “I went; but quickly lost my self, traveling over Hills and through Swamps, and could not find the way to him. (112)” During her traveling she was experiencing the wilderness on her own. No one to guide her and give her the correct path. This was unfamiliar territory and all new to her especially being by herself. This was an all new experience all together. Mary

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