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Case study: Merryland Amusement Park Background: Merryland Amusement Park originally opened in 1955 and managed for 33 years by Stanley Merry. In 1988 Stanley Merry died and left the park to his widowed daughter-in-la Samantha Steinberg. As Samantha had no interest in owning a park, her second husband Alan took up the responsibility for the day to day operations. The couple ran the park for 20 years but maintenance budgets and the total number of employees were annually reduced. However, they kept increasing the park’s entrance fees. Due to falling revenues and the deterioration of the parks facilities Samantha and Alan put the park up for sale in 2006 with an asking price of $5.8 million. Anthony (Tony) Kenworthy:Tony has taken interest in the Merryland Amusement Park. During his freshmen and sophomore years at the University of Richmond, he was hired to work during the summer at an eastern Virginia youth camp. He was key component of the camp managers getting a grip on the cash flow as well as managing the expenses for efficiently. Tony enjoyed working with the camp managers but later discovered that his passion was working with the actual campers. Upon graduation, Tony was given the position of business manager for the camp. After his experience at the youth camp Tony went on to become the business manager for a Showbiz Pizza franchise. This job quickly kicked his entrepreneurial skills in gear. The pizza franchise was a place for children birthday parties as well as a place for families to have their family night out. This enabled Tony to reconnect with his original passion; interacting with kids. Tony’s Interest in Merryland: Tony believes that operating the park would put his creativity and his innovative marketing skills to work. Operating the park will also enable him to work with disabled kids and their families. Bringing the park back to life

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