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Mermaid Syndrome Intro Mermaid syndrome is a fairly rare condition in which the legs of the child become fused while in the womb. The fusion will usually occur within the first month of pregnancy. Mermaid syndrome has a very slim survival rate, with only three people known to survive beyond the birth, with one of the three only living to ten years of age. Mermaid syndrome is also known as Sirenomelia or fused limbs. Risks and Causes When it comes down to it the cause of this disease, doctors still continue to debate. However there are a few possible theories as to why some children are born with fused limbs. They vary from: •Any kind of major illness suffered by the expecting mother or the fetus during pregnancy •Any kind of physical or mental stress on the expecting mother •Excessive exposure to radiation as one of the most likely causes. They claim that excessive radiation could lead to genetic mutational changes, which could cause fusion of the legs of the developing fetus •Inherited genetic disorders, either due to genes from the father or the mother •Inadequate prenatal care by the expecting mother •Strong link with maternal diabetes (22% of children born with this disease will be born to a diabetic mother) In addition, this syndrome goes hand in hand with other life-threatening problems. Such as failed kidneys and internal and external genitalia, which causes the large intestine to misplace itself inside the abdomen of the child. Prevention With any type of birthday defect, the same steps are used in order to lower the risks of having a child with a birth defect. If you’re pregnant or are planning to have children, you should get early and regular prenatal care, maintain a healthy diet, take prenatal vitamins and take folic acid prior to conception. You also should avoid the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine and exposure to

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