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Merits & Demerits Of Coeducation Essay

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Iveading jointly of both the .sexes in the same institution is called co-education. Much dust of controversy has been raised around the question whether co-education should be encouraged or discouraged in the country. There are two kinds of opinions. Those who are in favour of coeducation believe that it provides opportunities for both the sexes to learn and understand each other. This understanding in the long run contributes to a happy and contended family. In the presence of girls in the educational institutions the boys keep themselves reserved and refrain from idle talks which in turn refine and purify their minds.

Another argument in favour of co-education is given that it develops a spirit of competition between the boys and girls both of them try to excel each other and so an ideal environment for education is created. Besides this a huge amount of expenditure* on erecting separate buildings, establishing libraries laboratories, hiring teaching and clerical staff is saved. But it is a crude idea as with the increase of students as a result of girls enrolment the number of co-educational.institutions will also have to be increased. Therefore total expenditures incurred will be the same as on the separate institutions.

It has also been observed that boys are rude, harsh and rough in their attitude while girls shy-mind and subtle in their character. The intermixing of these behaviours brings a positive change in their lives. Boys in the company of girls try to behave in a decent and modest way. Similarly girls in the presence of boys learn to develop their feminine characters.

In our own country, too, opinion is divided. One group is totally against Co-education. This group says that mixing of boys and girls results in corruption of their->378

The Study of Education

morals. Again, it makes boys rather womanish and deprives girls of their feminine charms; besides, it calls for a different curriculum. Further, it...

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