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Performance Pay for Teachers Merit based pay for teachers is a program to increase teachers‘ bonuses upon their performance through the students’ achievements on standardized tests. However, not all teachers agree about whether merit based pay will be effective. “28 percent felt performance pay would have a strong impact and 30 percent felt performance pay would have no impact at all” (Turner). According to the article “A Children Must Play”, Finland’s education system is not dependent on testing, but rather dependent on curriculum and professionalization (Adams). However, the article “Merit Pay Misfired” is about how education systems dependent on merit based pay programs are uncertain and likely to fail without any evidence to prove that they will work (Ramirez). Many cases of merit pay have been widely discussed to build a better system for students. Even though many people believe that performance pay will do the job, I cogitate that the USA should not implement the merit based pay programs in public elementary and secondary schools because these programs could have negative influences on students and their achievements. Cheating is an illegal procedure and it can have a negative impact on students’ achievements. According to a report from Atlanta, the most horrible effect of cheating scandals is that the district has been irresponsible for cheating and unwilling to investigate it. However, the district has been forced not to be involved in the investigation (Johnson). To achieve higher pay in the merit based pay model, professors on purpose increase tests scores by changing wrong answers into correct ones in order to be compensated by the government funds. By doing, so they discriminate against students’ rights. Students’ hearts fill up with sorrow. Shame on those teachers! After teachers’ horrible behaviors, students

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