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Poetry1 Poetry Clarise Flowers English 125 Introduction to Literature Miranda Saake October 19, 2009 Poetry 2 When evaluating the works of Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, and Lorraine Hans bury one could easily get wrapped up in the development of the characters. The challenge of a writer is taking any subject and making it believable. Writing is synonymous with the benefits received from the work. Meaning we read to be inspired, provoke thought, inform ourselves, leisure, and pleasure, just to name a few reasons. Some writers are able to capture the essence of a character and induce one of these emotions. Most great authors have mastered the art of creating emotion. That is an author’s primary duty. The complexity and depth of the characters that author uses leads each reader to make their own assumptions about the intent of the author. This is what makes a compelling protagonist/antagonist dynamic. The evolution of each character leads you on to a discovery of the writer. It is common for artist to use their mediums as forms of expression to vent their own emotions. It is the liberation that most find in artistry that attracts us to art. To explore the journey without speaking on the conflict between characters somewhat leave you in need of more. One could even say that the conflict between some characters is actually the conflict within the writer trying to discover himor herself. Fredrick Douglas once said “without struggle there is no progress.” So before I can dissect, compare and contrast the characters that highlighted the works, I must first show what I feel was the intent of the authors when they developed the characters. Can we then suggest that if one does not understand or relate to the character that it makes for an unlikable story? The journey of the characters is the most important element. Poetry 3 After

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