Meredith Hall Analysis

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Rick James Donna Tantalo English 101 6 Dec 20 Research Paper Why Hall’s written Burdens Benefit her and her Readers Meredith Hall embeds unpleasant experiences, unhealthy relationships, strenuous moments of transition and the insight she has acquired onto her autobiographical narratives. Hall discloses private pain in her narratives in order to cope with horrid recollections and keep them from jarring at her memory. Hall’s writing does not only empower herself but the reader as well. Halls written memories relate situations in which she has felt lost and alone. Readers, particularly women of all ages feel encouraged because Hall’s narratives are relatable. Hall’s self-exposed writing enables a reader to go beyond solely reading about her life, her writing can help a reader feel encouraged to tackle their own life obstacles. Due to Hall’s sincere and personal way of writing I felt encouraged and felt amazed at how much I not only liked her writing but learned from it as well. As I read Hall’s work I gained the impression that I was reading her personal journal. Her “journals,” in other words her autobiographical narratives such as Killing Chickens, “Shunned” and “Without a map” all reveal specific different bitter portions of her life that she has faced and overcame and reassures readers like me, that we can too. Ha Hall writes about overcoming many daunting situations, the earliest hardship that she writes about encountering is getting pregnant at sixteen. In “Shunned” Hall shares her experience of receiving rejection from everywhere she turned including school, church and even family when she accidentally got pregnant. A reader can see how unfairly she was punished how nobody should be treated that way. Hall uses emotional appeal to show how much it hurt her for example. “It is a function of shunning that it must eliminate the shunned completely it
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