Mercy Among the Children Essay

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Losing Morals in the Need to Survive Humanity has many flaws and can become very weak in its morals. The celebrity Miley Cyrus has changed her personality in order to attain more fame. Through this change she has become somewhat of a negative role model to her previous fans that were children. In this need to become a bigger celebrity, Miley Cyrus went against the morals that her father taught her while growing up. We can now see how this resulted in the loss of their father daughter relationship as well as the loss of morals that she had that have now been disregarded. In the book Mercy Among The Children written by David Adams Richards, the character Lyle follows a very similar path to Miley in his lifetime. The feeling of powerlessness brings upon the need to survive by any means possible. In this way morals are sacrificed and the abused becomes that abuser. A life in which there are good morals that have respect for others can lead to powerlessness in tough situations. This powerlessness often brings upon abuse from others, and in the need to survive the abused becomes the abuser. This becomes a fight for power, as morals are lost when someone becomes an abuser. Having morals in which there is high respect for others, often leads one to become powerless when in a situation with someone whose want for status and power is greater than the strength of their morals. It becomes difficult for a person with respect for others to gain power over someone who does not mind trampling over others to get to the top. These people have the ability to harm someone because their morals do not stop them, whereas one with good morals may become powerless because taking any action would mean that they have defied their morals. The main characters’ father, Sydney, is often known as someone who is abused. Sydney’s friend Connie realizes that it easy for him to blame

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