Mercury Essay

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I. Mercury in the Water Should be Prevented A. Facts to prove that mercury is harmful B. Facts to prove that companies/people cannot prevent it C. Opinions and Facts II. Facts to Prove that Mercury is Harmful A. Toxic effects B. Health problems III. Facts to Prove that Companies/People Cannot Prevent It A. Mercury is natural B. Natural erosion and decomposition IV. Personal Opinion/Facts A. Opinion 1. People could lower the amount of mercury present 2. People should take a stand for nature 3. The health issue needs to be recognized B. Concede to the other side, but... 1. Not all mercury is released by humans, but a large amount of it is 2. Cleanup is hard, but mercury levels can be controlled C. Why people should listen to me 1. Mercury is dangerous 2. Lack of food supply if mercury levels stay high 3. Health risks V. Conclusion A. Facts to Prove that Mercury is Harmful B. Facts to Prove Companies/People Cannot Prevent it C. Personal Opinion/Facts Pollution: Mercury Mercury is a highly virulent element. Depending on the exposure and the chemical form of the element, the toxin's effects vary. There are many variations of the chemical but even trace amounts can cause serious medical issues. Humans can not always prevent mercury, though. It is natural and is released by many methods, such as volcanoes erupting, soil disintegrating, or rocks eroding. I believe, even knowing that it is a natural substance, humans can do many things to lessen the amount of mercury in the environment. Mercury is harmful to society. Methyl-mercury, for example, is the most baneful form. It alters the genetic systems, diminishes a person's immune system, and can destroy

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