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MERCURE GROSVENOR DEVELOMENT OF DIFFERENT STRATEGES REPORT SUBMITTED BY AMARPREET INDEX * EXECUTIVE SUMMARY * CURRENT REVIEW ON HOTEL PERFORMANCE * COMPARISION * PESTAL ANALYSIS * SUGGESTIVE IDEAS / DEVELOPMENT OF STRATEGIES * SUGGESTIONS / CONCLUSION * REFERENCES / BIBLOGRAPHY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The purpose of this report was to examine the hotel’s current performance and development of different ways or revenue based strategies to improve the hotel’s performance. Different aspects of the hotel is taken into consideration like room rates, kinds of clientele, hotel competitors, facilities provided by the hotel while making of the hotel strategies. Emphasizes on previous financial data is also given. PESTAL analysis is also done at the same time CURRENT REVIEW ON HOTEL PERFORMANCE: While looking at the financial reports of the year 2011 & 2012; if we just look into balance sheet in 2012 total assets has gone down but at the same time total liabilities is also gone down which is good sign for the hotel as liabilities. As lesser Liabilities mark that the hotel is performing well able to clear their debts on time. The major part of the revenue is coming through the rooms, food & beverage, rentals & other income shows has got 100% returns, other operated departments is doing fairly well but hotel has to do something about the health center as it is taking the hotel into loss; not creating the enough revenue for the hotel. The money spend on marketing department is being constant in all the months; the money spend on housekeeping department is fairly high it’s not helping hotel to invest their money somewhere else; even the concierge department is not doing well & money spend on this division is huge, while banquets, convention centre is going good; fairly returns are coming out, laundry

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