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Table of Content 1 Introduction 2 2 Socially responsible and ethical manner 3 2.1 Drug development and testing 4 2.2 Marketing and advertising 5 2.3 Relationship with government regulators 5 2.4 Handling of the recall 6 3 Role of stakeholders 7 3.1 Pharmaceutical companies 7 3.2 Government regulator and policy maker 8 3.3 Patients and their physicians 9 3.4 The court system 10 4 Suggestion for improvement 11 5 Conclusion 13 6 References 15 1 Introduction The purpose of conducting the Merck, The FDA, and the Vioxx Recall case studies to identifying certain issues regarding the Merck and vioxx. The objective of the case studies is identify whether the Merck, the company CEO is responsible and has ethical manner or not. Besides that, the purpose of conducting the case study is to research on how Merck did drug and development testing, what method and how Merck did marketing and advertising, the relationship of Merck with government regulator and policymaker and how does Merck handling the recall of vioxx. Besides that the purpose of conducting the research on the case study is also to identify the role of stake holder to the pharmaceutical firms. What is the role of pharmaceutical companies. Moreover what is the role of government regulator and policymaker towards the world, finally, what is the relationship of the government regulator and policymaker to pharmaceutical firms. What the action took by the court system toward Merck. 2 Socially responsible and ethical manner Social responsibilities reflect the corporate social responsibility. Social responsible which means that a cooperation should act in a way that enhance society and its inhabitants and be held accountable for any of its action that affect people, their communities and their environment. Corporate social responsibility involves an organization’s duty and obligation to

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