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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE by “William Shakespeare” A Contemporary English Version, Emended and Rectified with Notes and Commentary by Jonathan Star DRAMATIS PERSONÆ DUKE OF VENICE PRINCE OF MOROCCO (MOROCHO -Q1, MOROCHUS-Q1) PRINCE OF ARRAGON (ARAGON ) A suitors to Portia ANTONIO (ANTHONIO -Q1 ), a merchant of Venice, friend of Bassanio BASSANIO , winner of Portia LEONARDO , a servant to Bassanio GRATZIANO (GRATIANO -Q1, GRAZIANO ), friend of Bassanio, with Nerissa LORENZO (LORENSO ), friend of Gratziano, with Jessica SALARINO | SALANIO -Q1 (SOLANIO -Q1) | friends of Antonio SALERIO , a messenger from Venice | SHYLOCK (SHYLOCKE -Q1) a Jewish money-lender JESSICA , daughter of Shylock, with Lorenzo TUBAL (TUBALL-Q1), a Jew, friend of Shylock LAUNCELET -Q1 (LANCELET -Q2, LAUNCELOT , LANCELOT ), a fool, servant to Shylock OLD GOBBO (GOBBO ), father to Launcelet PORTIA , an heiress of Belmont NERISSA , her waiting-woman BALTHASAR-Q1 (BALTHAZAR) STEPHANO (STEFANO ) MESSENGER , for Portia SERVANT (SERVINGMAN ), for Portia MAN , messenger for Antonio MESSENGER , for Jessica Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, a Jailor, Servants and other Attendants [See Additional Notes, 0.1.1, for a further discussion on the names] | | servants of Portia Editions Editions and Printing Dates: First Quarto (Q1), 1600. The Most Excellent Historie of the Merchant of Venice. Second Quarto (Q2), 1619. The Excellent History of the Merchant of Venice. Third Quarto (Q3), 1637. The Most Excellent Historie of the Merchant of Venice. First Folio (F1), 1623; Second Folio (F2), 1632; Third Folio (F3), 1663; Fourth Folio (F4), 1685 Punctuation Key Punctuation Key: a) All line numbering and text references generally follow The Merchant of Venice, Oxford Edition, edited by Jay L. Halio, 1993. b) Text found within {special brackets} is a reference to the text as found in Q1. c) Text

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