Merchant Dbq Analysis

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DBQ Essay Merchants have always existed, thought the Neolithic ages, to present times of today. Their trading has been a major part in civilizing of many groups. The three main groups would instate, Christians, Muslims and the secular category. All merchant being of one group, or the next. Following a set of beliefs what it be, the bible, Qur’an, or own self wealth. A Christian wants to go to the kingdom of god and in reaching that goal one can not be a greedy man and care only about ones self and title. Document one states just that. Wile document four shows examples to further exemplify the ways of a Christian merchant. Document three shows the ways of a merchant being engulped by the rush of a bargain and the worship of inanimate objects, once turning to the lord he sees more meaning in life and gives away all his worldly possessions. Christians viewed most merchants as swindlers and men only out for his own benefit. Muslims had similar beliefs, but put the thoughts of a merchant in different terms. Documents two and five discuss the ways of selling and buying an item for a reasonable price. The Qur’an implys that a fair Muslim merchant that is honest and truthful will take rank on the day of judgment, document two further puts in depth the measures of a…show more content…
They were set on the present, and what kind of wealth they could obtain from the men and women that were in it. In document six it elaborates on two consumers that feel as if a secular merchant is not a trustworthy man and how god is with him in his unfair triads and frowns deeply upon it. A secular merchants mother instates how the merchant should not want it all but to be thankful for what he already possesses. Document three seven leads on the point of a merchant being only interested in the rise of ones self but is then shown a new path of religion or the value of helping
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