Mercedes Benz Puerto Rico Essay

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Internal and External Factors On or about the year 1952, Puerto Rico had the pleasure to have visionary business men who change the history of car business in the Island. Mr. Carlos Quinones who after graduating as an automotive mechanic started his dream of having his own auto mechanic shop and named it Garage Isla Verde. Mr. Quinones worked long hours to keep his business running and overcoming the different internal and external factors. Since day one Mr. Quiñones planned to become the number one automotive service shop in the area. Along with his wife they delivered the strategic value of the business. They designed a family oriented business that allowed them to grow in the market and as a family. In approximately ten years they became the service shop of excellence in the Isla Verde area. In 1962 the Quiñones family was offered to be the only certified Mercedes Benz dealership in Puerto Rico. They accepted the challenge to expand and to become the best Mercedes Benz dealer and service shop in Puerto Rico. After accepting the challenge the family designed their plan to achieve the excellence. During the planning process the family prepared long term goals and short term goals. Since the beginning on the new journey as a Mercedes Benz dealership they organize their personnel and build a customer oriented dynamic organization. They guided their employees and mobilized them on a daily basis for years. This was managed by the Quiñones family in a great way. They were the owners but they lead their employees by example. They assisted their employees from cleaning thru paperwork wise. They created a family environment where every employee felt responsible for the business success. Employees saw Mr. Quinones and Mrs. Quinones as step fathers. That is a great example of great management’s skills. Day in and day out they controlled their business by

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