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Good morning/afternoon Miss Morrissey and fellow students. Mercedes Benz is a luxurious brand of automobiles, coaches, buses, and truck. Head-quartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes Benz was founded by both Karl Benz and Gottleib Daimler (engineer) in 1886, with Karl’s first petrol powered car, The Benz Patent Motorwagen. The purpose of the company was mainly, to follow your dreams. Karl Benz had followed his dreams as well as his fathers footsteps after his tragic death, towards locomotive engineering. During his years at school studying, Karl Benz began envisioning concepts for a vehicle which would eventually become the first horseless carriage. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT: The first ever automobile to be patented under the name of Mercedes Benz was made in 1886. It was the first three wheeled and self propelled automobile which changed the way people move till today. In 1931, The Mercedes had introduced its first ‘ 4 wheel independent suspension’ cars along with the new hydraulic braking system which set safety benchmarks to a higher standard. By this time, Mercedes Benz had won its first auto race as well as added extra features to their cars such as the ‘honeycomb radiator’, ‘multivalve engine’, ‘supercharged engine’ and had released their first ‘electric-powered’ car. By the year 1958, Mercedes Benz had upgraded their features such as the ‘conical-pin door lock’ and ‘crumple zone’ and had upgraded their innovations with the ‘diesel passenger car’ and had passed their first ‘ passenger car safety development’ as well as their ‘crash testing program’ in 1958. In 1978, Mercedes Benz introduced their ‘Anitlock Braking System’ to help the driver retain steering control by preventing wheel lockup under heavy braking. In the year 2000, Mercedes had introduced and later enhanced its ‘Tele Aid and Mbrace’ system to connect both driver and their vehicle to Mercedes Benz

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