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Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Selection 3. Training & Development 4. Compensation 5. Conclusion 6. References 1. Introduction “We are talking here about Mercedes, so all the vehicles are impressive and of high quality”(, 2012). As automobile manufacturer prepare for the new boomer generation and to retain top employee in a competitive industry, the need to develop effective recruitment and efficient practices is becoming top priority. The success of an organization relies on more than hiring qualified candidates are realized by employers. Requirement at all stages of an employee’s corporate lifecycle to help ensure employee growth and satisfaction is effective human resource (HR) management. Vital success of an organization is employee satisfaction because it directly effect on productivity. When employees are satisfied, their quality of work, optimized performance, creativity and exercise is critically improved. The true value of HR practice is in organization structure to support the unique goals; selecting the best people to achieve objectives of the company; training them our company culture; and compensate employee depend on employee contributions tie in to the overall achievements of the organization are variety of methods to carry out HR functions. The organization profile in this report were selected based on the results of their employee satisfaction score and their contribution to organization in order to make HR excellence and improvement. By using this personal report, Mercedes Benz has documented several HR strategies. In this report, I will report decision about whom to hire, what training to offer, and how to motivate them by compensation in order to increase their competitiveness in business environment and to maximize our services to customers.

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